Seminars and conferences

All services with one contact.
E-TURIST offers you a full conference management or separate services in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania according to your wishes and budget.


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Having been organising the conferences already more than 20 years we give you fresh ideas but at the same time take care that the smallest detail would not be forgotten.

Services we offer:

  • Budget planning and cash flow management
  • Delegates’ registration
  • Venue selection and technical equipment
  • Accommodation
  • Meals and social events
  • Pre and post conference tours, incentive programmes

Some examples of the bigger events assisted by E-TURIST


International Hanseatic Days in Bergen 2016 (delegations of Estonia and Latvia)
International Hanseatic Days in Viljandi 2015 (about 1500 participants)
European Boys Choir Festival 2015 in Tartu (about 600 foreign participants)
Nordic Students’ Choir Festival 2014
International Tango Festival in Tallinn 2011
International Europeade Festival in Tartu 2011
International Hanseatic Days in Kaunas 2011 (about 150 persons)
International Hanseatic Days in Pärnu 2010 (15 delegations)
International Hanseatic Days in Tartu (2000 participants)

Sports Events:

European Championship of Road Cycling in Tartu 2015 (about 650 participants)
European Championship of Road Cycling in Otepää 2009
European Championship of Bow Hunting in Otepää 2008 (about 500 participants)
Annually: Club Tartu Maraton Events


Etelä Suomen OP Liitto conference in Tallinn 2014
11. International Folklore and Ethology Congress) in Tartu 2013
Conference of Agricultural and Rural Life Museums 2013
VEUKO (International Congress of Potters) in Tallinn
International Conference Demonstration of Environmentally Friendly Farming (74 participants)
World Conference of Technological Education it Tartu (200 participants)
Nordic-Baltic seminar in Tallinn 2001


Annual meetings of several companies from Norway in Riga
Land services of Turkish president business delegation 2008 (Tallinn and Helsinki)
Almaz Holding (Moscow jewel company) incentive trips to Tallinn (300 participants)
Estonian-Finnish twin towns meeting in Estonia 2001
Family reunion trips to Estonia for Baltic German families like von Schilling, von Thompson, von Harpe,von Hammerbeck.

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