Hanseatic towns of Estonia, Russia, Latvia

During the trip you will get introduced to the towns which were prosperous during the famous Hanseatic Trade League and also see, how these cities have developed now into modern centres.

Day 1

Tallinn – the capital of Estonia. Tallinn was first mentioned in 1154. In 1285 it joined the Hanseatic League. During the Old Town sightseeing tour we will see the Town Hall square, the Danish King’s Garden and the Dome Church, all dating back to the 13th century. Option: “Merchant’s Guild’s Saturday Feast” in the medieval restaurant Olde Hansa.

Day 2

Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia. It was first mentioned in 1030, and has been an important Hanseatic Town from the 13th to 15th century, connecting Novgorod with Western Europe. Now it is the most important University Town of Estonia. Option: cruise on River Emajõgi.

Day 3

Departure from Tartu to Novgorod. On the way a short visit to the Petseri Monastery.

Day 4

Novgorod Sightseeing tour: Jurjev Monastery, Kremlin, outdoor Museum of Vitoslavitsy. Novgorod Kremlin is the core of the ancient city. Walk inside the Kremlin, visiting St. Sophia
Cathedral – the oldest church on the area of the Russian Federation (mid 11th century), sightseeing  (outside) of the citadel towers and walls of the 15th century, Bell Tower with ancient bronze bells and the famous Monument of Millennium of Russia dedicated to the outstanding characters of the Russian 1000-year-history. A wonderful sight of Novgorod landscape is opened from the pedestrian bridge across the River Volkhov. On the other bank of the river – Yaroslav’s Court – former political and commercial center of Novgorod where you will see a complex of the ancient churches: St. Nicholas Cathedral, Church of Paraskeva the Friday, etc.

Day 5

Drive back to Tartu. Stop and sightseeing of Pskov (Pihkva) on the way. Pskov is famous for the numerous small churches and monasteries, the oldest dating back to 12th century.

Day 6

From Tartu we drive to Riga, the capital of Latvia. The flavour of Riga is strongly influenced by the Hanseatic League. The reflection of the prosperous past can be today seen in the Old Town.
During the sightseeing tour we will see the Dome Cathedral, the Swedish Gates, Gunpowder Tower and other highlights.

7. day.


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